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Instagram Stories Are Now More Popular Than Snapchat

When it comes to livestreaming your life, Instagram Stories is now the most popular medium. The Verge reported Friday that the Instagram feature has now become more popular than Snapchat.

While Snapchat was the first app to integrate a story feature, Instagram now has dozens of millions of users choosing to post their stories to the app every day.

According to the report by CNNMoney, Facebook­ owned Instagram has claimed that it has taken the lead from Snapchat as it has used the Instagram Stories by over 200 million times.

Snap (SNAP), the parent company of Snapchat reported that it has 161 million daily active users ahead of its IPO last month.

The 200 million figure represents how many people watch stories on Instagram every day, and not how many users actually post stories. Instagram launched the story feature last August and reached 150 million daily users in January.

The social media giant also introduced a nearly identical stories feature on Facebook in late March. Starting Thursday, Instagram users can turn a picture of themselves into a sticker and share it with friends, with the help of its new selfie stickers.

Instagram will soon add geofilters to Chicago, London, Madrid and Tokyo, which are designed by local artists. Currently, geofilters are available in New York City, Jakarta and Saõ Paulo

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