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The Most Expressive Skype Is Now Available on Linux

The tech giant Microsoft, since the purchase of Skype in 2011, has tried to make this one of the most used communication services by users. Hence, to do so, the tech giant Microsoft has launched the most expressive Skype ever made for Linux. Meet The Most Expressive Skype Ever Made For Linux. Not being an easy task, it has brought new functionality, design-level redesign and news to its primary communication service along with Outlook.

Having made available over the last few months a new version of Skype for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS, this renewed version now comes to Linux.

This new application for Linux, the Skype Preview, is replacing the previous Beta application of Skype, has undergone many changes and improvements compared to the previous version. It now has a more modern design and gives a more intuitive, interesting and pleasant user experience.

In terms of operation, design, and development, this new application for Linux is at the level available for macOS, and the numbers of the latest version available to the public are even the same, This is due to the fact that it is developed based on the applications of the other operating systems, thanks to the Electron project.

The tech giant Microsoft claims that this new version is the “most expressive Skype ever”, although user feedback on the Android and iOS versions have not been the best. However, being this a preview version, Microsoft will be particularly attentive to user reports and comments, in order to adjust Skype to your needs and tastes of all.

Although this new version Skype was made in macOS, the differences for the Linux version are almost nil.

The tech giant Microsoft is entering the race for the best communication platform, betting on renewed versions for all operating systems so that its users can use their services on all their devices, regardless of brand or operating system.

Everyone who wants to test this new version of Skype Preview for Linux can do so by downloading this version here (DEB | RPM).

So, what do you think about this new Skype for Linux? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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