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1 Star Reviews against Snapchat on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore have been removed

Snapchat, the next-big-thing in social media after Facebook and Instagram, had gotten itself into trouble after the alleged comment by CEO Evan Spiegel who said that the ‘app is for rich people’ and hence, they don’t want to expand to poor countries such as India and Spain.

This comment has outraged users in India resulting in them not only uninstalling the app but also giving it a single-star rating both on Apple app store and Google play store.

However, latest rating stats from both Apple app store and Google play store for Snapchat indicates that negative reviews/ratings might have been removed by respective stores. Although at the moment reason behind the action is not yet confirmed. However, it definitely raises questions on sanctity of existing ratings, users post on these stores. It also signals to the fact that user ratings are probably being censored/removed by Google and Apple.

Do you think its right for Google and Apple app stores to remove 1 star ratings given by users? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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