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‘Kohli’s Ego Wins Over Jumbo’: Here’s How Fans & Cricket Veterans Reacted To Anil Kumble’s Resignation As Team India Coach

Twitter is overflowing with reactions, cricket fans around the world are busy debating over this issue and veterans of the sport have also formed an opinion about Anil Kumble’s exit as Team India coach. Rumours of rifts between Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble did the rounds for the past 30 days. And soon after India’s Champions Trophy run ended in disappointment, Kumble dropped the bomb by choosing not to stay as coach.

In a statement late on Tuesday night, Anil Kumble revealed that he had resigned as the coach of the Indian cricket team due to ‘untenable’ differences with the current captain, aka Virat Kohli.
Promptly on cue, Twitter exploded – painting Kumble as the champion, and Kohli as the egomaniac.
    Personal interest >>>Professionalism for players of this generation. Anil Kumble you were far good a person to be       treated this way..CHAMPION
— Nikhil Maski (@MaskiNikhil) June 20, 2017Look,Anil Kumble is no Greg Chappel.His record as coach & commitment is beyond question.It is Kohli who has to let go his Ego for team cause
— Apoorv Sharma (@TweeterHimachal) June 20, 2017

Thanks Kumble, for turning our hero into a villain.
— Nishant (@bihari_bahubali) June 20, 2017

Virat stature has become bigger than cricket itself,forget Anil Kumble,dont think India needs any coach at all as     long as he’s the captain
— Geetika Swami (@SwamiGeetika) June 20, 2017

kohli after reading kumble’s resignation letter.
— jezus (@followkarnare) June 20, 2017

Some even put Kattappa and Baahubali into the mix.
With respect to Anil Kumble, Kohli can now be compared to Katappa at the end of Bahubaali-The beginning now .The burning question -“WHY”?
— Apoorv Sharma (@TweeterHimachal) June 20, 2017
And could ‘Captain Cool’ Dhoni be far behind?
Anil kumble steps down ,now we need our #Dhoni #captaincool back. @msdhoni team needs you
— Rebel (@yamini109) June 20, 2017Anil kumble episode once again proves that one of the most stable period during last 20 years was under Dhoni’s     captaincy
— Vikrant Chauhan (@vikrant_chauhan) June 20, 2017

Some questions and conspiracies were thrown in too!
Only the BCCI is in the know of what fractured the relationship between Kohli and Kumble. Will they let us know?
— Cricketwallah (@cricketwallah) June 20, 2017Cheap shot by Kumble saying he had differences with Kohli knowing fully well Kohli can’t respond as per BCCI rules!
— Satish (@TheFinalCountUp) June 20, 2017

But all in all, fans expressed sorrow at losing the ‘class act’ that is Anil ‘Jumbo’ Kumble.
You are a class act Jumbo, hope you can find ways to stay involved. Indian Cricket much poorer without you around.
— Rahul Ganjoo (@elegantlywasted) June 20, 2017

And lets take a look as how cricket legends reacted to this sudden move by Anil Kumble:

Sunil Gavaskar: “I have very little knowledge about the differences between Virat and Anil. But it is a really sad day for Indian cricket.”


Virender Sehwag: “I’ve never played under Kumble – the coach. However, he has been my senior, my captain. In fact my comeback in international cricket was under him. The Indian team’s performance under him has been phenomenal. Whoever comes in as his successor will find it hard to fill in his shoes.”


Bishan Singh Bedi: “Gratitude has obviously been thrown out of window by whoever raising ‘revolt’ against India’s giant Anil Kumble! Loser’s Indian Cricket of course!”


Michael Vaughan: “India are losing a Great man in Anil Kumble… really hope he stays in some role…. far too good a bloke to lose … #India”


Harsha Bhogle: “Organisations must strive to preserve committed people. I will be disappointed if there isn’t a bigger role for Anil Kumble”


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