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Know the powers in you

From the time we are born, we are empowered with the three powers—will, action and knowledge or wisdom (ichcha, jnana and kriya shaktis). These powers work in different proportions at different phases of our lives.

The key is to maintain a balance of all the powers so that we are in harmony with ourselves. We require all the powers to accomplish any task.

For example, if we plan to watch a movie, this idea has to be at first conceptualised in mind. Which movie do I watch? Where do I watch? What show timings are convenient for me? With whom do I watch? What is the duration of the movie? What time do I have to leave home? How long does it take to reach the theatre? How much money do I carry? The initial planning of going for a movie starts with ichcha shakti or power of will. Then planning the logistics, time and expenses will require jnana shakti or power of knowledge. To reach the theatre and watch the movie, we need power of action or kriya shakti.

However, when you understand the shaktis that are working in you even to watch a movie, you begin to appreciate them and their contribution to make your life easy and successful. Then, you begin to process all your activities in mind through the window of the shaktis. If we take the instance of Mahabharata war, both Kauravas and Pandavas had ichcha shakti. They wanted to rule the kingdom. However, what was lacking in them is the jnana shakti. Kauravas lacked the power of wisdom due to which they chose the wrong path. Hence, they chose wrong means to achieve their goals and despite much effort they lost the battle.

The power of wisdom was not adequate in the Pandavas too. But they were open to receiving divine guidance from Lord Sri Krishna. This filled in the inadequacy of wisdom in them. With both ichcha and jnana shaktis, they were empowered by Sri Krishna to win the battle at Kurukshetra. Winning the battle was the kriya shakti that empowered their action plan.

If you look back at your own life, you too would have achieved certain goals easily, struggled at times and may have been unsuccessful too. If you introspect on what went wrong, you come to realise that it is an imbalance in one or more of the three aspects that would have resulted in failure. If you delve deeper, you realise that you did not seek help from elders.

Divine guidance of the elders empowers you to convert your negative will to positive will and positive will to successful action.

Enlightened beings say, “As jnana shakti and iccha shakti increase, the kriya shakti also increases in equal proportion to give you karya siddhi—successful accomplishment.” As you consciously build one of the shaktis, you build the two other shaktis as well. A perfect harmony between the three shaktis brings success to all spheres of life.

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