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Pakistani Parliament Passes Bill Of Hindu Marriage Law

The Pakistani parliament has received the landmark Hindu Marriage Law to manage the community’s marriages in the nation. The Hindu Marriage Bill, collectively passed on Thursday, will be the main individual law to regulate marriages in the Hindu people group living in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael exhibited the bill, which was endorsed by the Senate in February, in the National Assembly. It now needs President Mamnoon Hussain’s mark to end up distinctly a law.

As indicated by Mr Michael, it was a constitution obligation to shield the honest to legitimate rights and interests of minorities and to secure the marriage, the family, the mother and the tyke.

He said the government was focused on ensuring and advancing the human rights, including the privileges of women and minorities.

The bill was settled after various interviews with pertinent services/divisions and delegates of the Hindu people group.

As indicated by the bill, the base age of 18 has been recommended for marriage.

Without precedent for the historical backdrop of Pakistan, a bill gives instrument to enlistment of Hindu marriage which incorporates conditions for getting the marriage, system for disintegration of the marriage and the grounds on the premise of which such a marriage can be broken down.

It likewise gives the idea of legal partition where marriage stays in place, nonetheless, gatherings are no longer under commitment to live together each other.

The bill will help Hindu ladies to get documentary  verification of their marriage.

The Ministry of Human Rights had been working determinedly for a long time to have a Hindu marriage law in the nation.

The law will be material in Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces. The Sindh territory as of now has its own particular Hindu marriage law.

The law makes ready for “Shadi Parat” containing particulars of lady of the hour and prepare to be marked by a pundit and enrolled with the applicable government office.

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