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Dangal actress Zaira Wasim’s mother shares anti-Indian Facebook Post, gets slammed on Twitter

Dangal actress Zaira Wasim has been a topic of various controversies. The young Kashmiri actress is back under the scanner, this time it is for her mother’s pro-Pakistan status. Zarqa Wasim had posted a Facebook post, cheering Pakistani cricket team. The actress has been trolled on social media after her mother’s 2014 Facebook post resurfaced on the internet. The old Facebook post was shared by Twitter user, Sonam Mahajan.

The avid Twitter user was suspended from Twitter after she called out Zaira Wasim’s mother, Zarqa Wasim. Twitter India head Raheel Khursheed faces backlash after Twitter suspends user Sonam Mahajan’s two accounts!

The Facebook post that has been highlights is from 2014 and is during an India vs Pakistan match. The young actress’ mother shared an image which read, “Keep Calm and Defeat India”. The image was also captioned, “Dil Dil Pakistan”, showing her support for the neighboring country. This image has created quite a spark of debate, after Wasim was initially questioned about her patriotism. Zarqa also shared a caricature where Shahid Afridi is seen battling then Indian Captain, MS Doni. The cartoon image also has Shoaib Akhtar and Virendra Sehwag cheering their team captains in the arm wrestle.

Although the posts are from a long time ago, Zarqa Wasim did not delete the posts which have made many people angry. The teenager’s mother has deleted her Facebook account after being exposed on her anti-Indian or pro-Pakistan posts.

Neither the actress nor her mother has shared any explanation on this issue. Twitter users have been furious at the turn of events. People have been pointing fingers at the mother and calling them traitors for sharing such pictures in the past. Other angry Twitterati has also questioned Aamir Khan on his choice of Zaira Wasim in Dangal.

There have been various controversies surrounding Zaira Wasim. The young actress came under the radar for meeting the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, when people called her names, and the young actress posted an apology on social media. After that episode garnered her support from the industry, the actress was also rumored to have disrespected the national anthem in her movie, Dangal. She was blamed of not standing up for the national anthem, although the claims remained rumors. This new revelation has brought in a lot more negative attention for the young girl whose career just began with her phenomenal performance in Dangal.

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